Respondent Response Form

Respondent Response Form


Thank you for being a respondent in Region VII. Please fill out the following information about the production you responded to and submit.

Remember to talk with the director, if indeed, a scene will be recommended for consideration for Evening of Scenes to confirm that they are willing to participate if selected.

Respondent Response Form

Response Form

(Note: Associate Productions receive only 2 nominations and Participating Productions can receive 3 only.)

Certificates of Merit:

Invitational Scenes Only

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Do you feel there is a short scene (7-8 minutes) in this production worthy of Evening of Invitational Scenes?
Is the Director willing to bring the scene to Festival?
Select all reasons that you believe the scene should be invited:

Participating Productions Only

Please use the following to describe the various areas in the production that you saw. These ratings will assist the selection committee in making the selections of productions for festival.

Summary Comments about the Production