Improv Olympix Judges Rubric

Improv Olympix Judges Rubric

Improv Olympix Judge Rubric 

TEAM NAME:                                               

TOTAL SCORE: ____ / 70 poss.


    0-2 pts.

    3-5 pts.

    6-8 pts.

    9-10 pts.

    Active/Responsive listening
    Players stay in the moment, react genuinely to others, letting the situation affect them rather than anticipating the story.

    Be Obvious
    Players keep focus on the problem-solving in the scene, advancing the story, and being true to character.

    Give and Take
    Players give and take focus in the scene as the story dictates; players share control and focus on what the group needs.

    Mistakes as Gifts/Right to Fail
    Players take unintentional incidents that happen on stage, accept them, and use them for the story; players have a “fail forward” attitude.

    Players recognize status (i.e., hierarchical social positions) between characters and utilize this dynamic to develop the narrative.

    Finding the Game
    Players can identify the ‘hook’ (theme, main objective) of the scene and use it to inform characters and story.

    Yes, And!
    Players accept ideas offered by their teammates and build on those offers to flesh-out characters and develop narrative.