Festival Events

Festival Events

Festival Event Registration Instructions

Festival 53 –  February 17-20, 2021
Due to the current state of the nation and our region, this year’s Festival will be a virtual event. 
Details of how to register for individual events will be provided below as details are available.  



To apply to become a Region 7 ASPIRE Program Semi-Finalist, complete the application below by December 4, 2020.

From these submissions, no more than 12 students will be chosen to move on as Semi-Finalists in the ASPIRE KCACTF Region 7 Program. Semi-Finalists will be given a second, more extensive written and oral presentation assignment for evaluation during the Festival so please apply only if you are prepared to complete the larger assignment, detailed below in ROUND 2 instructions. This year, all 12 ASPIRE Semi-Finalists from Region 7 will receive a full scholarship for their Regional KCACTF Registration Fees.


By December 13, the ASPIRE Region 7 Semi-Finalist Cohort will be notified and sent the full instructions for creating a Theatre Pitch to be presented to national arts leaders and working professionals.

A condensed version of the instructions, for the purpose of illustrating the workload and necessary commitment is below:
ASPIRE students will create and pitch a theatrical season and a new theatre company to a selectors panel of theatre professionals. Students are welcome to consider the current impact of COVID-19 on the performing arts industry. However, the current pandemic should not limit the student’s imagination in the creation of their company. This exercise will prepare ASPIRE students to think critically about leadership styles, programming, and company models while demonstrating their ability to innovate and think creatively. The following is a set of guidelines to help prepare an effective pitch:

Students have 10 minutes to present their pitch followed by 5 minutes to take questions from the selectors; students will be responsible for allocating their own time accordingly.
• The presentation must include the name of the theatre company, the mission of the theatre company, where the theatre company or theatrical season will take place (town, city, state, country), and play titles/authors (if known). This presentation may include a PowerPoint, Video, or other virtual display. articulating and illustrating the aforementioned information for review.
• Students should articulate the role and relevance of their season and/or new theatre company in terms of audience, community, and efforts towards greater diversity.
• Students should be mindful that while budgets, season calendars, and other higher-level elements of a theatre’s operations are important, the allotted time does not provide the selectors a chance to review these materials critically. Emphasis on mission, values, season selection, and on audience and community engagement is strongly encouraged.


Late October 2020: ASPIRE Region 7 Semi-Finalist Cohort Application Opens
December 4, 2020: ASPIRE Region 7 Cohort Application Deadline
December 11, 2021: Semi-Finalist Cohort notified and given guidelines and resources to craft Theatre Pitch
February 3-5, 2021: “Office Hours” ASPIRE Coordinators Available to Semi-Finalists to give guidance, assist with pitches, and answer any questions
February 17 (afternoon)*: Semi-Finalist Orientation, Workshop, and Discussion
February 18 (morning/early afternoon)*: 15 minute one-on-one meetings for all Semi-Finalists to relay their Theatre Pitch to Industry Leader(s)
February 19 (afternoon)*: Semi-Finalist Workshop
February 19 (evening)*: ASPIRE Finalists announced
February 20 (morning)*: 25-30 minute one-on-one meetings for Finalists to relay their Theatre Pitch to LORT Representative/Respondent
*dates and times during the week of Festival subject to change

Apply for the Aprire program in Region 7


Information is forthcoming.  Please come back to visit us when we have the updates in place.


To enter for the 2021 online festival, please go to the following online form, read, and return a response to the Region VII ITJA Chair no later than January 15, 2021.  If there is no more room in the competition you will be notified within 48 hours of receiving your email response.  Thank you!

ITJA Registration Form Here



Directing Initiative

To be eligible for the SDC Directing Initiative program:

  • (waived for the Feb. 2021 virtual festival)Students must be nominated by a faculty member from the student’s institution.
  • Nominated students must have demonstrated excellence in direction.
  • (waived for the Feb. 2021 virtual festival) – The institution must have entered either an associate or participating production for the regional festival during the year in which the nomination occurs.
  • The participant must be a bona fide student at the time of the regional festival.

SDC Directing Guidelines 2021

Email Application to SDC Coordinator

Devising Initiative

The Devising Initiative will not be accepting projects this year to to COVID restrictions and the virtual nature of the 20201 Festival.



PLEASE NOTE: Your application and its supporting materials should be submitted as one packet in PDF form. No print copies, please. Click here for how to submit your packet as a PDF.

  • Put together a title page, identifying the dramaturg, the project, and the school. Include your address, phone number, email address, and date of the project.
  • Include two statements written by the dramaturg, one delineating the project and its challenges, the other detailing the process from start to finish.
  • Enclose a letter of nomination from a faculty member. If you wish, you may include more letters of support from persons directly related to the project— collaborating artists or audience members for a workshop or production, or fellow students/teachers in a classroom project.
  • Include all materials that seem relevant, but not to exceed 100 pages. This may include emails between the director, the cast, the designers, etc., and the dramaturg; pictures of the display; information from websites created; questions asked during the process; and information gathered for individual packets. We are not interested in your reproducing all that you researched, but in your analysis and compilation of materials researched.
  • Entries for Region VII must be received, electronically, by 5 pm, February 1st.

Submit entries in a digital format for Region 7


Irene Ryan Prelim Round  |  Irene Ryan’s Semi-Finalists  |  Irene Ryan Finalists
2020 Irene Ryan Important Dates and Deadlines:

Rules and Criteria:

  • IreneRyan nominees will be selected by students self-nominating themselves. Students do not need to be a part of a participating production to nominate and there is no limit to the number of students, per campus, that can self-nominate. Even if you received a nomination for your work from a KCACTF respondent you must still follow the steps for self-nomination. You will have until January 15th to register and pay for everything AND upload your audition video. No late submissions will be considered.
  • Irene Ryan’s will be entirely virtual and prerecorded this year. As a nominee student, you will need to record a 3 to 4-minute video that must include a slate and two monologues. No scene partners this year. You will have until January 15th to register and pay for everything AND upload your audition video. No late submissions will be considered.
  • VIDEO FORMATTING – Your video audition must be between 3-4 minutes in length with a slate and both your monologues in a single unedited shot. Your video must be shot in landscape/horizontal; you must be visible from the waist up and the video must be uploaded as an mp4 file. 
  • Once you have submitted your video no further submissions are required. Your initial video will be for your preliminary and final round should you move on.
  • From these initial submissions, 32 will be selected for the finals. Each of the finalists must participate in a 10 minute one on one feedback session with one of our finalist selectors. These sessions will take place on February 19, 2021. Times TBD.
  • Finalists will be announced on the first day of the festival, February 17, 2021.

January 15th:

  • Register and pay for everything AND complete step 2 which includes uploading your audition video. No late submissions will be considered.

February 17th:

  • Max 32 finalists will be announced, and your response session will be scheduled. Our main form of communication will be through email so check them regularly.

February 19th :

  • Response sessions will take place and a public showing of the finalist video auditions will be shared with the region for a limited time viewing.

February 20th:

  • 5:00 pm Finalists will be announced online at http://kcactf7.org/actdirect.html


This section has not been updated for the 2021 Festival

Each participant must attend one of two workshops given before the Audition. You will find them in your schedule when you arrive at the Festival. Be sure to click on the link to review the guidelines for the MTSA.

The Auditions will be in two rounds.

Preliminary Round-You will have 2 minutes to perform a cutting of one song.

Final Round- each Student will have 5 minutes to perform 2 contrasting songs Musical Theatre Scholarship Audition (MTSA) The Musical Theatre Scholarship Audition (MTSA) takes place at the regional KCACTF (Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival). You must register for the Festival.

Register for the MTSA when you register for KCACTF. There are a limited number of slots. You will receive an email that you have been accepted to audition. If you do not get an email you have not been accepted and will not be permitted to audition. Contact the MTSA Coordinator if you do not get an email.

Each participant must attend the MTSA Overview Meeting and are encouraged to go to one of two workshops with the accompanist given before the Audition. You will find them in your schedule when you arrive at the Festival.

The Audition will consist of two (2) rounds.

  • Preliminary Round – Each student will have 2 minutes to perform a cutting of one song
  • Final Round – Each student will have 5 minutes to perform 2 contrasting songs

The songs must be sung live. Students must bring sheet music marked, in a binder and ready to be played by the accompanist provided. You may not bring your own accompanist

  • Enter, go right to the accompanist and give her your music, and go over the tempo. Set your chair if needed. State your name and the names of your piece(s), nod to the accompanist and begin. Timing will begin with the first note of your music.
  • Although movement is important and you may incorporate dance, you will not be performing on a dance floor. Tap shoes are not permitted.


  • Show a range of musical theatre styles in your selections
  • Choose songs that show your range and are different in type and style.
  • Perform the song as a piece of musical theatre. Your acting and singing will be assessed together. Be sure you know who you are singing to and remember to find and play your objective.
  • Your music must be clean and clear and easily read by the accompanist.
  • The winner of our region will participate at the National KCACTF

If you have questions or need more information contact the MTSA Coordinator.

Other Popular Events

Many regional activities happen during the festival.  
Many of these events will be postponed this year.
Details of how to register for individual events will be provided below as details are available.  

Open Jar Auditions

This section has not been updated for the 2021 Festival


How do I register for Next Step?

Students should prepare a video presentation of your portfolio and/or resume. Your video should be no longer than 5 minutes. Remember, you are showcasing yourself as well as your theatre interests and skills.

Once you submit your video there is nothing more that you will need to do unless you are informed you are selected for an additional interview. You will know if you are selected for an additional interview by the first day of the festival.

Additional interviews are at the discretion of the participating Next Step School and/or Company. Be sure to be checking your email so you know what you will need to do if selected for an additional interview.

A submission link will be added here.

10 Minute Play Auditions

This section has not been updated for the 2021 Festival

S.A.B.R.E – Student Advisory Board for Region 7

This section has not been updated for the 2021 Festival

Scholarly Paper Competition

This section has not been updated for the 2021 Festival

The Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival, Region VII seeks to support, encourage, and reward excellence in scholarship in theatre. KCACTF VII invites all college and university students to submit their research manuscripts to the Scholarly Paper Competition. The papers may be written on any theatre arts topic–historical, theoretical or artistic. Students do not need to attend the conference in order to enter.

Manuscripts entered at the graduate student level should not exceed 20 double-spaced, single-sided pages excluding endnotes and references.

Manuscripts entered at the undergraduate student level should not exceed 12 double-spaced, single-sided pages excluding endnotes and references.

Submission instructions will appear here when finalized

Improv Olympix!

This section has not been updated for the 2021 Festival

Improv Olympix!

This is event we all know and love! This is an evening of fun and laughter; where the only rules are to be brave and have fun. Participants will sign up as individuals at registration and will then be assigned to scratch teams. You will have time before we start to meet your team, come up with a fun name, and learn a little about each other! Each team will have time to play however they want; open scenes, long-form, games, or something new. At the end of the night our winner will be decided by audience vote and will receive a certificate of merit for playing along!

Improv Lunchbag!

This is the competition that was introduced at the KCACTF Region 7 Festival 52 in Fort Collins, CO. If you know about the Upright Citizen’s Brigade, Keith Johnstone, or the Herald, then this is for you! This is a week-long daily event where teams play against each other, receive responses from our panel of judges, and the winning team receives a certificate of merit at the awards ceremony! There is a judges’ rubric available so teams know what the judges will be looking for, request one at info@kcactf7.org

FOR BOTH EVENTS: Improv is about being vulnerable, spontaneous, and supporting your teammates. Both the judges and emcee reserve the right to stop a team AT ANY TIME if there is any unsafe or extremely inappropriate behavior. This will disqualify the entire team from merits or advancement. We’re all here to enjoy this world of imagination; it is your job as an improviser to take care of yourself, your team, and your audience.
If you feel that there was behavior that was not addressed, please notify Keylee.Anderson@ccd.edu or your S.A.B.R. Representative.

Musical Cabaret

This section has not been updated for the 2021 Festival

Theatre Trivia

This section has not been updated for the 2021 Festival