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What is a "Dramaturg"? A dramaturg is a position within a theatre that deals mainly with research and development.

Western States Theatre Review

The Institute for Theatre Journalism and Advocacy

Theatre Critics

The Institute for Theatre Journalism and Advocacy (ITJA) was established to assist in elevating the level of arts criticism in the United States and to help writers to grow at the same pace as the arts and artists whose work they review and interpret. These goals are made possible by daily critiques of plays and films in tutorial sessions with a resident master critic at ITJA’s four-week conference at the Eugene O’Neill Theatre Center in Waterford, Connecticut each summer.

KCACTF, in association with The Institute for Theatre Journalism and Advocacy, will present a National Critics Institute Scholarship. At each of the regional festivals, students from institutions that have entered an Associate or Participating production will participate in intensive writing workshops with a professional writer/critic, where they will be asked to write a variety of journalistic pieces, including traditional critiques, advocacy pieces, blogs, etc. One student from each of the eight regions will be selected as a finalist for the national award. Winning pieces from these eight will be forwarded to the KCACTF national office, and the finalist will be selected by the national Institute for Theatre Journalism and Advocacy Director. The national winner will attend the Eugene O’Neill Theatre Center during its national playwriting conference in July, working with leading professional newspaper and magazine critics from across the United States. All expenses are paid.

To enter, simply register for the festival and click through on the Institute for Theatre Journalism and Advocacy link. Then, make sure to bring your laptop to festival!


The LMDA/ATHE/KCACTF Student Dramaturgy Award

The LMDA/ATHE/KCACTF Student Dramaturgy Award recognizes contributions by student dramaturgs to the conception, development and production of theater within their colleges and universities, or to educational projects in dramaturgy. The philosophical foundation of this award, like that of dramaturgy itself, rests in the belief that art benefits from examination on the parts of both artist and audience, and that creative inspiration accompanied by analysis and reflection is most likely to lead to productions and projects that fulfill the spiritual, social and personal potential of the theatrical event.

Who Is Eligible?

Undergraduate and graduate students who work specifically as the dramaturg on a production or workshop, or who submit work created for a dramaturgy class, are eligible. If the project is a workshop or production, the student must be credited as the dramaturg. A student who also writes, directs, designs, performs in, or otherwise collaborates on a project will be responsible for articulating the boundaries of the dramaturgical work and speaking on its behalf.

How To Apply

In the sidebar to the left, click on the link labeled “LMDA/ATHE application form.”

 PLEASE NOTE: Your application and its supporting materials should be submitted as one packet in PDF form. No print copies, please. Click here for how to submit your packet as a PDF.