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Stage Management

There is a manditory meeting the first day of the festival for all Stage Managers. We will schedule all events connected to this event at the meeting.

Tech Olympics

The Tech Olympics is an opportunity for Technical theatre Students to show of their skills in several events. Get your team ready now!

Collaborative Theatre Challenge Links

Design Technology & Managment

DTM Expo

Welcome to KCACTF Design, Technology and Management for Region VII. The DTM Expo gives you an opportunity to formally gather to display your design materials and sharpen your presentational skills in a safe and positive learning environment. This event will provide you with a venue listen to feedback from professionals in the industry and learn about all different forms of design. You will get to see other works from student designers from regional schools and absorb new ways to approach design and presentation.

Please Note: In order to qualify to display your work at the DTM Expo, you must have completed the design within the Calendar Year (January to December) prior to the festival.

DTM Expo Levels

National Level

The National Level is for Students with formalized designs that have been realized (meaning fully produced) in the areas listed below

Regional Level

Open to all students that have completed a classroom or unrealized design in the following areas listed below

DTM Expo Areas