Irene Ryan Auditions

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The main focus of the Irene Ryan Acting Scholarship Auditions is to celebrate the nation’s finest student actors and the craft that enables them to create compelling and truthful characterizations. Beginning in 2005, the Irene Ryan Acting Scholarship Auditions will heighten the focus on craft in auditions by showcasing actors in two (2) two-person scenes and a monologue or song for candidates who advance to the final round of competition at the regional and national levels.

Rules and Criteria:

  • Round One-A maximum of three minutes in the regional preliminary round to present a two-person scene and a monologue. Only 1 selection may include singing.
  • Round Two- A maximum of five minutes in the regional semifinal round to perform the preliminary round scene AND a contrasting two-person scene (which may or may not incorporate singing) using the same partner for both scenes.
  • Round Three - A maximum of six minutes in the regional final round to present the semi-final round audition scenes plus the monologue or solo musical number from the first round.

Muscial Theatre

Musical Theatre Scholarship Auditions

Each participant must attend one of two workshops given before the Audition.  You will find them in your schedule when you arrive at the Festival.  Be sure to click on the link to review the guidelines for the MTSA. The Auditions will be in two rounds:

  • Preliminary Round-You will have 2 minutes to perform a cutting of one song.
  • Final Round- each Student will have 5 minutes to perform 2 contrasting songs

Stage Directors and Choreographers Society

SDC Directing Initiative

to be eligible for the SDC fellowship program, students must be nominated by a faculty member from the student’s institution. Nominated students must have demonstrated excellence in direction. The institution must have entered either an associate or participating production for the regional festival during the year in which the nomination occurs. The participant must be a bona fide student at the time of the regional festival.
  1. Letter of Recommendation provided by a faculty member from the student’s institution.
  2.  A Current Resume for the nominee
  3. Letter of Application which includes why the student is interested in participating in this program and the ways in which they believe it may contribute to their growth as a director.
  4. A SDC Contact Information Cover Page - Click here for more detail information

The Nation Devising Theatre Project

Ensemble will select their sources of inspiration as their creative container (examples: a photograph, a poem, a fictional or non-fictional short story, a memory, interviews, a question, etc.). Ensemble will be asked to clearly articulate how their sources informed process and product, form and content.

Each ensemble will create a unique performance vocabulary informed by their source materials. This vocabulary should include movement, voice, visual image, sonic landscape, text and scenic environment and communicate the piece’s style and aesthetic.

Ensemble should consider time restraints and travel considerations. These parameters are designed to form a creative container to spark your imaginations and deepen your exploration.

Click here for the national Devising Theatre link