Acting & Directing

Click for all information concerning the Irene Ryans, Musical Theatre Auditions,  One Act  and 10-minutes Directing scenes and more 

Theatre Journalism & Dramaturgy

Click for Institute for Theatre Journalism and Advocacy (ITJA), The LMDA/ATHE/ KCACTF Student Dramaturgy Award,  The Northwest Journal Review and more.

Design, Technology and Management (DTM)

Click here for all information on the Design Expo, Stage Management, Tech Olympics and more

National Playwriting Program (NPP)

Click here for all play submissions for the 10 minute, full length and Planet Earth play competitions and more


  • Future Festival Dates  - If you would like to host contact regional chair
  • 2018 will be February 19-23 location TBD
  • 2019 will be February 18-22 location TBD
  • 2020 will be February 17-21 location TBD

Shows for Denver 2017

  • Tuesday - Medea: Her Story from University of Idaho
  • Wednesday - Cabaret from American River College
  • Thursday - Mr. Burns, a Post-Electric Play from Gonzaga University

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